Monday, 18 February 2013

a really long time huh!

wow....I think this has been the longest time ever that I not scrapbooked!!!! But the urge is coming back. Just the other day I stood at the door and i actually really would like to be in there at the moment! But with one thing and another that has just not happened yet...we are in the process of selling our house which has been taking up all my time at the moment.

But....I just wanted to just pop in and let you know that I was up on here the other
I received an email from here over the Christmas period and that was the page that I came up can find my post here.

so if you fancy it pop over and see the whole page!

Monday, 7 January 2013

It has been that long?

Tap Tap Tap??? is this thing on?

I cannot believe that is has been long since i blogged!!!!

Is anyone still reading this thing?? or shall I give up all together!!!

Life really took over the last was crazy! THere is a lot to do when you work in a school at Christmas! there were parties, christmas lunches, Father Christmas visits.

THen school finshed...Harry had his  birthday on CHristmas Eve..Christmas, then we all got sick in my house one by little sister stayed with me for a week..she was sick, then I got some exciting emails from some lovely scrappy people asking for my I am still dealing with that...then my nan was admitted to was never ending.

But I am here...I have nothing to show you at the moment..but I have a new workshop to link you up with that I helped  with...( will when I am allowed ) and a really exciting guest spot that I am working on at the moment...i just cannot seem to get it right! so third times a charm i hope!

But I am itching to get back into my room and start the new year with my new found freedom of scrapbooking...which will appear at some point lol

Be back soon....

Saturday, 15 December 2012

saying goodbye is hard!

As many of you know I have worked and designed for Papermaze for many many is a place that has become home to me over the last five years. I have spent many happy days there looking through boxes of new stash, putting together kits, eating chocolate while teaching a workshop.

But....and the biggest but there hands....they have been responsible for lots of heartache over the last few years..I have had to give up design teams when they have been at their worst and it has stopped me from scrapbooking on days were the ideas have been flowing.

It has become apparent that I cannot keep up the level of scrapbooking and computer work that I am currently doing.

After a long talk with my doctor and in an attempt to stop me from having to have two operations instead of just one...I have decided to leave the Papermaze team.

To say this is a horrible thing to have to do is an understatement. I love that place, I loved my job, I loved the emails that I got from the readers of the blog, I loved spending time down at the shop, talking about future kits, ideas and what we should buy.

BUT I have to think of myself...and my hands and what is best for me in the long term.

So as of the beginning of January the reigns are being handed over to Lou. Who is amazing and does the most amazing pages and I know that the team is in good hands.

What does this mean for me? means that everything I do, I can now show on here, everything that I do will be for me! I have been designing for teams for so long I have forgotten what it is like just to scrapbook for myself.

I have some guest spots coming up which I am looking forward to....I will continue to do guest spots if anyone I love those types of challenges...

But for now it is just me....and I am looking forward to doing some different things for here and building this place up slowly.

I still have a few things that are due to be used in the next month from I will have a few posts left to go....I will miss that have no idea how much.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Farm Girl...

When I grabbed some of the new October Afternoon the other day from Papermaze....I also grabbed some of the Farm Girl line....and it worked perfectly with some photos I had to use...I really am trying to get away from using black and white photos all the time...and the papers matched perfectly with these.

  My son decided on the title for his page! ha!

and some close ups...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

2 posts in 2 days!

I know, don't faint with shock!!!
The time has finally come around again when I am enjoying being in my room and the ideas are coming out thick and fast!!!! yes!!!!!!!!

So here is one I started yesterday and finished this morning...I have lots of packets of die cuts and I made myself use them....and I may just use this Crate Paper page as my background for every single page from now on...I love it!I have already scrapped these photos but I dropped water all over my desk a little while ago and ruined some I am re doing them!

and some close ups...

I saw someone ( cannot remember who) place sequins on the die cut above...and i knew that I wanted to do that idea!

I still have a page left to show you that I have made during my mojo visit! Lets hope it stays around for a while!!!!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

I am still scrapping


Things are changing a bit for me in the scrapbooking world...something I will touch on in a little I am sorry that I have not been around as much as normal. Life, Christmas, working and my son have been taking over all my scrappy time lately....But......... I am popping in here to give you a sneaky peek of  a page that I have made for Papermaze..I went down there the other day and grabbed some of the new October Afternoon...Vanessa is putting it together and getting it ready to go up on the internet at the if you want to buy it keep an eye on the New Product section here.

I cut the snowflakes out using my Cameo...using the Pow glitter paper from American Crafts...something I had left over from being on their design team....have you tried it? Wow...i wished everything that I cut on that thing cut out as nice as this...amazing!!!!!

I am on a roll at the moment with my scrapping...I have been scrapping up a storm...and enjoying it...which is typical as it comes at a time of the year were I do not really have much time to be in there! ha!

I will be back with another page in a few days.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Popping in to say...

I am just popping in to say that there is a blog hop going on over at the Papermaze start you have to begin at the Scrap Paper Scissors blog here... have a good look at all the inspiration along the way and then pop back to the shop blog and leave a comment to be in with a chance to win the December kit! Good luck.

Here are all the links...incase you get lost!

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